How to Make Otak-otak

How to Make Otak-otak  (processed fish)

Food material :

➫ Milkfish / Fish Mas / carp


➫ Onions
➫ Garlic
➫ Turmeric
➫ Kencur
➫ Coconut milk is thick
➫ Pepper
➫ Candlenut
➫ Acid
➫ Salt
➫ Terasi

How to cook
➫ The fish is beaten slowly, then afterwards taken the meat and the prick carefully so that the skin should not be damaged. After that remove the thorn.

➫ spices mashed and then stir with fish meat, add thick coconut milk and stir until smooth, after the average input again everything into the skin of the fish.

➫ Wrap with banana leaves and burn on baking pan until yellow. Or dipepes in hot ashes.

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